Life In Reverse

I picked this up today. Mr Hepworth has a way with words I like a lot so I'm looking forward to chewing this up across the next few days.  

Having spent the last few days doing some serious 'admin' work on myself and the far flung future, I'm also very much looking forward to this coming weekend where we (collectively) play host to the Great British Tattoo Show at Alexandra Palace. Always a good show, always good to catch up with friends not seen for weeks, months and sometimes years... and always good to spend each morning drinking coffee and eating croissants on the street before the madness ensues.

In the tiny space between these two things, yesterday I pulled together a new t-shirt design for the Big Bear Rescue project from my lovely friend Hannah Willison which I'm really stoked about. It's very different from the previous shirts and I hope people love it as much as I do. 

Which means I'm now out of collateral and will be hunting down new designs for the summer sometime next week... and I have some great ideas lurking. I hope I can pull them off. 

Le Fin. For now...

Sion Smith