Life: Beautiful

I'm right at the end of writing a 'day-job' book at the moment. I have something that looks exactly like two days left with it, then I go away for Tattoo Jam and the day after I get back, it leaves the work-desk to go to print. There's still a fair amount to finish up on it but it shall be done. No question.

Which, in the real world – when you throw in normal life that features things like tough school homework regarding Of Mice And Men, a looming birthday for a small person who's not so small any more but still very excited and a dog that thinks he's more special than Marley – means for the next seven days, I should walk away from any intention I ever had of touching any of my own work...

So last night when all was quiet, I dug out an unfinished Raised On Radio, figured out what needs to be done to wrap it up before Christmas and rewrote the introduction. I'm far too off target to figure out if it will make a self-imposed pre-Christmas deadline, but I'm not going to slap a date on it like I did a few weeks ago with SKY. That would be foolish in the extreme.

A man has to learn something as he goes along.

No, the next thing to show its face here in the next week or so, will be to open the doors on that tab up at the top there that says 'Travel'. It's totally empty at the moment and I should really take it down but I like the way it annoys me that there's nothing there which in turn, forces my hand. This first instalment is set in Paris and if you're already here for a good reason, I think you'll like it a lot. I have big plans – but then again, when don't I. 

However, any big plans I might have had of conquering the world this week have been totally thwarted by that age old fun-sucker know as 'passport has expired'. Thus I shall be grounded until I get that fixed but that's OK because I wasn't planning on going anywhere for a couple of weeks and the new Sixx:A.M. album is out tomorrow. Bonus.

Life is beautiful - as they say:

Sion Smith