Le Rock Est Mort, Vive Le Rock!

I haven't dropped anything on here for too long. 'Things to do' surround me like a halo of flies - the most pleasing of which however, is the addition of a second blog here called Ear Candy. If you're 'in my house' right now, you'll see it above - if you're an RSS dude here (or any other form of digital magic), you can push that link to go there. It won't be populated super frequently because there are rules. The rules are:

"Say it from the heart or don't say anything at all." 

I've been looking at the current crop of music mags for months and I can't find a damn soul writing about music because they love it as opposed to it being their job - at which point, a little bit of politics always creeps in to muddy the water anyway.

I'm not saying every music mag writer sucks and I'm not saying the magazines suck either. Am I?

I'm trying to say nobody is speaking to me about it as a musically educated grown-up - and if that's how I feel, then I'm probably not alone and maybe somebody else will get a kick out of it here too. But, damn - you would think with an unlimited amount of resources available online somebody would have figured out a way to pay attention and deliver The Goods properly.

Anyway, that's that taken care of. I'll figure out a way of raising a flag whenever anything new goes up. 

More tomorrow...

Sion Smith