A Pictorial History of Now

There's been some cool feedback on Sky over the last few days. More copies are due in tomorrow for further deliveries at the end of the week but the last thing I want to do is turn this into a place in which I can't stop talking about one single book for months on end, so I'm going to reel it in and move along the bus. 

Thus: work begins on the next and the following weeks are taken up with finishing up other things I've already mentioned. Or at least I think I've mentioned them. If I haven't, I'm sure I will eventually.

Meanwhile, out in Germany, my friend Dirk Behlau has written - or rather, shot - a new book called Alive. If exploring the counter culture of the universe is your thing, look no further. Seriously. Stop looking right now, because Alive is what you've been looking for. I'm not saying that because I wrote the introduction for it - I'm saying that because I mean it and that's why he asked me to write the introduction... and that looks a little like this:

Dirk Behlau Alive

That's Dirk over there on the right. Not sure who the bloke in the middle is - a good guess would suggest he's a barber. As far as I know right now, the book is in a container being shipped from somewhere far away to somewhere slightly nearer but as soon as it lands in his shop, I'll post some links. Here's some of the promo shots Dirk mailed across:

I'm looking forward to seeing this - when I heard of its birth in Dirk's head, it gave me an idea to produce a Black Dye White Noise coffee table book. I toyed with it a little, mocked up some pages and figured it really might be possible to publish such a thing reasonably independently with style and panache. It might look something like this:

You wouldn't believe the wealth of material Chiaki shot for me that was either partly used or never used. It's a crime against pop culture to leave them on a hard drive in a desk drawer for the rest of eternity. Anyway... that's not going to happen any time soon but I like having it here for my own frame of reference. I promise you this: if I can make it happen, it won't be shit. Neither will it be cheap. It will however destroy all other rock photo books that have come before it. 

Le Fin.