King Of The Wild Frontier

While we wait for somebody in the USA to push some buttons - the buttons that will give The Day The Sky Fell Down its final push into the book canal (technical term for the birth canal of books) - I feel obliged to amuse you. 

Even if it's only for a short time.

My offering tonight comes in the shape of this almighty relic from the late 1970s. We shall call it Exhibit A. The official letterhead of a certain Mister Adam Ant:

I mean, seriously. How off the scale cool is that. People don't send letters any more, let alone have their own headed paper.

Until now perhaps.

Until I was left to my own devices earlier this evening. Until I remembered how excited I was to get a letter from Dee Snider on Twisted Sister headed paper one day - which I still have thirty years later.

So that's what I did this evening. If you buy a copy of SKY (insert picture of fingers rapping on table top), maybe I'll write you a note of thanks and slip it inside. Maybe it will be on a letterhead. Everybody who cares about their stuff should have their own letterhead - it gives important things gravitas and slows the world down a little.

Anybody who wants to be a fucking lion should have their own letterhead.

Le Fin.