I caught wind of a potentially exciting project happening on indiegogo today - and that project would be a third instalment to The Wicker Man (the second part being The Wicker Tree if you weren't paying attention). It's no big secret that The Wicker Man is my favourite movie of all time and nothing has ever come close to capturing its spirit for me. For that reason alone, I'm probably a lot kinder to The Wicker Tree than I should be. It's not bad by any stretch of the imagination, but it sure isn't great either... which is fine, because I didn't expect it to be.

Most of its downfall for me is in the production. Too clean, too slick, too much money spent on it (though I guess the producers would argue the fact) and that kind of thing shows when the first time around, the whole project was held together with much love. People underestimate how much 'love' actually shows through in the end result.

Anyway, what's gotten me excited about this third instalment - called The Wrath Of The Gods - are these woodcut posters from Richard Wells:

Wicker Tree Richard Wells
wrath of the gods richard wells

Holy mother. That's all I have to say.

Anyway, this has resulted in a short list of things to do today:

1. Buy these three posters.

2. Email Richard Wells to discuss.

3. Figure out where on earth I'm going to hang them.

There's a fundraising site up at indiegogo here and the official Wrath of the Gods movie site is here, but hey... if those posters are all that ever comes out of the idea, that's good enough for me. Reading the whole description of the project in which the words 'theme park' and 'steampunk' are mentioned, maybe these posters are as far as it should ever go, but still.

Beautiful, beautiful work in every way.

It doesn't take much to make me happy.