Music To Ears. Are You Receiving?

An old project found some new life today. How much should I write about it before I say anything? Not much at all is probably a good idea but it's enough for me to mark it here as "alive" in the annals of my own history. Funny how things work out... it may have something to do with goats though. If you've been around - you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.


I'm struggling with finding new music to talk about at the moment. My subscription to rdio is wearing a little thin too. It's cool to have a million things to fall back on for comfort music but it's not firing my cylinders for the future. That said, if you're not familiar with what goes on over at NoiseTrade, then a good use of your time would be to head over there and scout around. Earlier on, I discovered this by acoustic duo Penny and Sparrow:

There is obviously far more happening in the world of 'people doing it for themselves' than there is in the 'business' of selling records itself. Sure - things get picked up and flaunted around the place, but I suspect I can find a dozen things worthy of attention at NoiseTrade on an almost daily basis - conversely, the record industry is showing me nothing new right now. 

Don't take my word for it. It's great idea for a website, delivered well and it has value behind it for those committed to hosting their music on there. I think we shall have more of this kind of thing here. Particularly on days when I don't actually have much to write about. Win/Win if you ask me...

Now, back to work...