Into The Woods

Today, I hit the Big Red Button on the Big Bear Rescue t-shirt store. The design is available for 30 days only and then it will be withdrawn and replaced with the next in the series. This first one is from my buddy Matt Henbo Henning who you can find here and I love it. 

There's a kids shirt too over at the store but it looks the same as the one on the left here and I thought that might be confusing. The shirts are all organically made and tick as many boxes as I could damn well find on the eco-front. All help appreciated with retweets and things like that. Here's some social media places were you can find the project:


I'm guessing that some of you may raise an eyebrow over me including f***b**k here as a link. I chewed it over for a long time before I entered Satan's Kitchen and then decided it was a worthy cause to bow down to and when I thought about a little more again, I figured it would be a neat thing to hand over to my small person to manage. She's 15 and must spend half her life on there. That's not been instigated yet... in fact I haven't even asked her but we're approaching School's Out and I figured being a 'social media manager' of a global fund-raising project would look pretty decent when it's time for the bullet to hit the bone.

It sounds like a good plan in my head - I'll keep you clued in. Meanwhile... if you happen to buy a shirt, take a pic of yourself in it and we'll get something cool rolling.

Burn Baby, Burn is now up for whatever it is you like to do with it - though you'll find it coming from Apple rather than Spotify just like I said earlier this week. Let me know what you think - but if you think it sucks, I don't really need to know that, so we can skip that part absolutely. Feels good to be back with Apple. That will teach me a good lesson.

Meanwhile... I'm coming into the final stretch of some writing here. It must be finished by next Thursday and I will throw back the curtain. More tomorrow. I've got an unholy ton of things here to be posting about.