Imaginary Friends

I came across a book earlier this week by Wayne Dyer called The Power Of Intention. To crunch it down, it discusses how to act with intent: Intend to do something, accept that it's already happened, picture how it looks and fill in the spaces between now and then. So far as I can make out, it's chaos majick for people who don't want to be magicians... though technically speaking, that's exactly what you would be even if you didn't know it.

How brilliant.

It's very 'American' in its delivery but I stuck with it. I figured it might be fun to run a post that zoomed forwards to some indiscriminate point in the future - totally unedited, just as it comes from my fingers to see what I come up with. So, here:

I have a FaceTime call today with my agent to talk about a signing tour of a handful of European cities. I'm really excited about it, 6 cities in 6 days with 6 hotel rooms sounds like it might take it out of you though. I can hear the conversation already... 'well you said you wanted to tour!' Apparently I can't take Hector with me because he's not allowed in some of the hotel rooms, so that's going to pose something of a logistics nightmare. Trying to get anything done with him around is like herding wasps anyway so maybe it's for the best. 

A part of me is thinking I might take the Gretsch along and as well as a signing thing, I could also do a few songs to crank it up a bit. It will give people something extra to talk about. What's the worst that can happen? Somebody will film it, drop it online while I'm asleep and I'll wake to a hundred comments telling me not to give up the day job?

Yeah - that would smart a little but what the hell. Actually, I guess the worst that can happen is nobody at all will show up, in which case, I'll definitely take the Gretsch because then I'll have something to amuse myself with. 

Aside from that, the page proofs arrived this morning for Misty Mountain Hop - that's my next book if you haven't been paying attention and should be on the shelves in time for Christmas. I had a quick scan through them earlier and it looks good. Bigger - and therefore longer - than I remember but that's no bad thing.

Meanwhile, in the wings: Big Bear Rescue t-shirt number 19 goes on sale today. Looking back at the gallery so far, we've collectively done some very cool things along this journey. Which reminds me: work has begun this week on editing the footage we shot from the sanctuary. I knew it was a good idea to take a mini crew along instead of shooting it on a phone. If we can get the trailers into the right hands, maybe we can get the thumbs up to make a proper documentary and open the gates on this a little further...

None of which sounds totally dumb. At no point does it say: 'Checked my bank account before breakfast on the terrace and am pleased to see I now have over a million pounds...' or similar tragic nonsense. Maybe it should but I know myself well enough to honestly say, a million in the bank would make me happy for a very limited time. I would soon spend it. New car, new house, help some people out and back to square one. I would much prefer to have a life that had things in it I consider to be worth having.

Perhaps I should push the boat a little further out to sea than this. Let's give it another whirl:

I woke up this morning to find Misty Mountain Hop had been nominated for the Booker Prize. Three coffees later, it was still true. I have no idea what being nominated for an award like this means in the grand scheme of things but now maybe my mother will stop wondering when I'm going to get a proper job. 

In the very same inbox avalanche was an email from the BBC opening the book on further discussions for both my Doctor Who script and the super secret other TV screenplay I wrote. Today is what we call A Good Day at the Ranch.

So how come the dog still needs to go out and there's a stack of dishes in the sink? How come there's no great albums out this week and I'm still listening to albums whose best days were back in 1978? 

Still not absolutely ridiculous. Wishful thinking but not 'get back in your box' dumb. That however, is not the point of the exercise. Give it a try - write yourself a blog post or diary entry for 12 months time. What's that... September 2018 - it will come soon enough. Whip something up for yourself in which life has 'moved on' no matter how whacky it may seem.

The point is that if you look back at last September, what's different in your life these 12 months on? Anything? I know I've dropped balls all over the floor.

It's a weird exercise in whether you've been living your life on purpose (which is the point of the book) or if life has found other things for you to do instead.

Damn I wish I could be happy just floating down the river looking at the scenery as I float my way to a watery grave but somehow it just seems wrong, wrong, wrong...

Anyway, in this future scenario, here's my new car:

Triumph GT6.jpg

It might look like a mid-life crisis but let's face it, it has my name written all over it. 

It's also been a while since I threw one of these into the arena:

Places I'd Like To Sit And Write (Number 252)