Sleep vs wake

 "I have to drop your Portuguese exchange student off at what time in the morning?"

I don't get up majorly early very often but when I so, it always amazes me exactly how much you can get done. Exchange student delivered safely to her bus (though I wouldn't guarantee safety beyond that if the Victorian fog that's hanging around doesn't lift), I got back, tidied the kitchen, took Hector out, read a couple of chapters of A Prayer For Owen Meany, made a list of other things I really need to get through today and then remembered I had never watched the second season of American Horror Story. One episode in and it appears to be made of good materials...  it also has a great line in promo posters:


That was yesterday. Somewhere along the line I picked up some crappy virus and finally fell asleep on the sofa and slept for nearly 12 hours which is more than twice what I normally get - and oddly woke up not feeling refreshed but with the notion that I should continue work on the expanded Black Dye White Noise photo book that was on the table a while back.  

What's a poor boy to do but put some more American Horror Story on and dig it out to see what needs doing. I used to shake my head in wonder that some of the writers I follow seemingly took forever to finish what sounded like a fairly simple project - and now I know why. 

Right now though, I need to wrap up an interview I was working on with the mighty Chet Zar. If you don't know him, look him up. More later. Head is too full of good stuff not to post again today. 

Sion Smith