Houses Of The Holy

Places I'd Like To Sit And Write One Day:

This is somewhere in Portugal apparently. Looks like a good place to bed down for a couple of weeks wherever it is. A man could get some serious work done here. 

Note to self: Might need to take some groceries.

Talking of places to sit and write one day, I'm heading out to Richmond, Virginia in a couple of weeks. It's only a flying visit of three to four days but a man can also get through serious amounts of work sitting around on trains, in airports and indeed, planes and hotels.

As luck would have it, these are also places I like to sit and write... and they sell coffee too. 

This morning, a friend mailed this across to me that he found on F******k - there's a link down at the bottom to the artists page on there which is here, but that's about as much information as I can find - apart from the fact that originates in Brazil. Anyway - it's just great... and very true.

Finally, earlier today, I was doing some research on Siberia for a piece I'm working on. I have to admit, my concept of Siberia has always been that of a snowbound wilderness where not a lot happens unless it involves mysterious Shamen or Siberian Tigers... here's one now for no other reason than they are cool as hell:

The Siberia that existed in my head never once took into consideration that something like Summer actually happens and the internet exists as a workable piece of technology for the people that live there. Anyway, while I was doing that I found a website called The Siberian Times and on this page is a fine story about engraving on birch bark which is apparently like leather but not really.

A birch bark box with a bear carved into the top of it is a fine, fine thing. Nice work Siberian craftsperson.

A man could keep some important things in there.