Home Is Where The Heart Breaks

I spent the afternoon with Nahko today. Aside from working on something tattoo related for the mag, it was good to get back into the music arena and talk about all kinds of things... in a relatively short amount of time, we dug up the world, hit it with a spade and put it all back together again before we went our separate ways. Check him out here and go listen to his music... 


The fruits of that labour, you’ll be able to find in issue 283 but there was a lot of fruit and there's more than enough left over to make jam with. Not sure what I might do with it but I’ll do something...

The location of such fruit gathering was the Sanctum Hotel in Warwick Street. I’ve never been there before, which is quite a feat considering I’ve been to hundreds of hotels across London for one reason or another. I forgot it was even there to be honest - that’s how far I got out of the music loop over the last few years - but as we were wrapping up in the bar, a thought passed through my head. A thought that looked a lot like:

“A man could sit here and write a great novel if he were of a mind.”

And you know what... a man might be very much of that mind. How can you not write a novel in a hotel that has a piece of the original Marquee Club installed as art in the bathroom.


Now all that man needs to do is create some space and he's working on it even as you read his words...

Sion SmithNahko, Sanctum Hotel