Been away on holiday. After all of that posting a couple of weeks back about missing the home front, we packed the car and went exploring.

As luck (or perhaps good management) would have it, I found myself on a hillside I've always been on good terms with. The hillside consists of something like twenty five different fields of which, one is really, really small and for as long as I can remember has had something of a reputation for 'allowing' other things to live in it. I won't explain because explaining stuff takes the magic away.

Anyway, I'm in this field and the er... 'thing' that lives there hands me a mental picture of a Funeral Stone. I didn't know what a Funeral Stone was either, so don't sweat it - some of it will become clear (a lot) later. I got a little obsessed over this stone and figured I needed to find it - at which point, I was handed (in the same way) a map of how to find it.

Thus, we filled the car up (again) and hit the road. Several hours later that also took in a 20 mile dirt track and a head on 'almost' incident with a large farm vehicle, I  got us across what I can only term as Hobbit terrain.

And now I have decided that some things should possibly not be spoken of...

I may come back to this post another day.