Here Be Monsters

I always figured myself to be quite clued up on the monsters of the world but looking at this excellent Lake Monsters of America map - handily provided by Atlas Obscura - I find that I am indeed, wrong. Take a look:

55569bc27b60eb04b0_Lake Monsters FINAL.png

 I've never heard of the Horse-Headed Alligator before now. That's a monster I'd really like to see - not that I've seen many of the others, but that one I think would be really something. Not sure about the Monster Fish however - that sounds pretty normal to me. Anyway - nice work on the map everybody. If anybody reading can be bothered rustling something up for the UK - or even better, Europe - bring it.

And on the subject of infographics (is that an infographic or just a map? I can't tell the difference anymore), I've kept this little nugget of gold in a folder for weeks now. I came across it when I was putting the Sci-Fi Tattoos together and then forgot all about it, but being as we're in the house so to speak, this is a good time to deliver it to you. If you've never seen the movies, move along the bus - there will be nothing to see here:


 Being as I mentioned it, between now and Christmas, Jazz have bundled together Sci-Fi Tattoos, Comic Book Tattoos and Horror Tattoos together for £20 - £19.99 if you want to be picky about it - which is a pretty good deal. Next day delivery too. You can find it here.