A Halo Of Flies

Summer evenings usually means hanging out in the garden with a book and a dog at my feet - to be frank though, sitting out there in the day can go swing. The sun ain't no place to put a boy from Wales. With an eye on the previous post, it's no wonder there are books everywhere. Still, I've been looking at what might come next and aside from this:

...which is pretty thin but looks great, I saw this was available: 

I mustn't have been paying attention that week because it's the first I've heard of it and it's been out a couple of years already. That should wrap up the rest of the month quite nicely thank you.

Also been looking at upgrading the guitars this week. Whimsical perhaps but the more I write, the more I want better machines - and I happened upon this Hagstrom and I think it's fucking beautiful.

Sadly, the 12 string they have is just as sexy... as is most of the rest of their range. Time for a rethink and an overhaul... or at least a run at one or two of them in a store.  

Thats the lot for the time being. Time to get out The Pen and The Paper.