Black Dye: Redux

What I was hoping would turn out to be a lazy Sunday actually got pretty busy. After tidying up some files and images that should have been archived long ago, I got it into my head that it was no good having run out of stock copies of Black Dye White Noise (which only happened because the book size got discontinued) so I spent most of the afternoon reformatting it to republish. 

It was almost that simple.

I decided I didn't much like the cover anymore and that it needed bringing into line with what I've got going on now - so I then spent the rest of the afternoon redesigning, gave it a new ISBN number and generally gave it a good licking. It now looks like this:

So far, so good. There's only a few things left to finalise and then it will be back out on the shelves. This makes me happy - playing with it again has also given me something of an insight into how the coffee table book (see yesterday's post) might work in reality.

There are a hundred buzzing wasps in my head over it now, so being as I expected a lazy day, I'm going to spend the rest of it figuring out how big I can make such a product and toy with how it might look at the end-game. 

And when I say I want it to be big, I'm talking about making Gene Simmons rethink his game plan.

More later... quite possibly.