I follow a fair few writer blogs and some of those guys have the best fans in the world. Seriously. They draw things for them, make things, start insane campaigns to get things done in their name - they probably go through their trash sometimes as well but I've not seen anybody write about that. Not ever.

Anyway. That kind of thing comes under the banner of "dreaming about movies nobody will ever make about my life". Particularly when you have but a couple of finished works out in the world and nobody really knows about the teetering stack hidden behind the door - but you know what? I can be so busy doing the things I'm trying to do here that I forget exactly how many hours and words I plough into the mag doing the day job and what effect some of those things have once they're out there.

Today, two things happened. Last weekend, I met Michelle Harvey (aka wolfskulljack) and immediately fell in love with her art. I'm not sure she believed me but that's OK. I never believe anybody when they say nice things about me either. She went away from the show and painted this based on er... me. Which is so fucked up and so incredibly cool at the same time, I had to buy it. 

When it arrives, I will frame it and hang it somewhere people will see it and ask me about it - that's more than good enough but I will probably also 'force' them to buy other works from her because it's hard being an artist of any kind out in the real world. Don't wait for me though - her store is right here.

Shit like that doesn't happen very often (when I say 'very often' I mean: 'ever'), so later, when I got an email from a guy who runs a blog (I don't know what it is yet or I would namecheck it) asking me for advice because he was into the way I did things, I felt kind of weird. Kind of like the Gods were playing some intricate cosmic gag that I hadn't seen coming but I guess when people take the time to do or say something wonderful because of something you do, you should accept it like a man.

I haven't yet replied to this one (if you happen to be reading), well, I have, but it's currently the length of a short novel that badly needs some attention before it makes sense.

So yeah - it was a  good day at the office, thanks for asking.