The Eternity Ring: Unleashed

So, there you have it - new site is live. I don't have an awful lot to add apart from you might have missed a couple of weeks of posts to trawl back through. Importing the older material will take a while... there's a part of me that thinks I might leave it archived and offline but we'll see as the next few days go by.

Let's move along the bus.

I've gotten myself into a good routine these last few days and conjuring a good 4000 words a day (or night as it happens to be) which makes me happy. If you've been following any progress I was making with The Family Of Noise, it turns out that it's asking to be rather a lot longer than we first thought. Some new people have turned up recently and pushed it in a different direction. This book has a lot to say without saying any of it directly. 

I really hope it's as good as I want it to be. We'll never know until it's complete though, will we.

The Eternity Ring is now available to buy in the store - well it is for all digital devices bar the kindle. That will be along in a couple of days. Next job as previously discussed... perhaps an illustrated edition. And perhaps an audio edition too read by yours truly.

Sion Smith