With two more days until I switch off for a digital break and go analogue until early January, I figured I had best post some words. Here we go:

It was my birthday this past weekend, here's what the party looked like: 


Then we went to see The Hobbit (Hector stayed at home, he's not so keen) and it's as wonderful as all the others. There aren't too many films I refuse to hear anything whiney about but Peter Jackson has kicked ass with all six of these for me. I've loved every minute and there were a lot of those.

This afternoon, I got a visit from the attendance guy who is in charge of making sure the small person is where she should be during school hours. Apparently, she hadn't been in school at all and now it's half past one. 

Except, that's not her style at all. My brain switched into WTF mode and presented me with three options.  

1. She really hadn't gone to school. 

2. He had made a mistake. 

3. She had been abducted. 

Number 1 was pretty much off the cards because it's totally not her style and possibly the worst thing she can imagine in the world is my hellfire and brimstone raining from the sky.  

Number 2 was possible, so I made him check - and when he did, he discovered she had been in school since 1pm but had definitely not been in school this morning. That was something. 

Number 3 was beyond me - but right at that moment, I actually ran through what the hell you would do. You would get in the car and what? Drive around aimlessly? Where would you even begin? Mostly though, I wondered why it had taken this long to let me know - how far could a kid who had been taken get in four hours?  

Really far. 

Having established she was now in school, he went away leaving me with a lump the size of a ham in my throat. I called the school to see what had happened and they told me that she had been there all day - and after many phone calls, the guy called me back and apologised for looking at the wrong name on the computer screen.

Luckily, when he called, he got my voicemail because I think I would have ruined his Christmas.

Makes you think, huh. What would you do if the worst happened? I haven't got a clue...


The last magazine of the year got shipped to print a few hours ago - that means I'm now left to my own devices until early January. To defuse, I watched the extended version of Fellowship of the Ring this afternoon. Tonight, Two Towers.

As for tomorrow, time to start wrapping up The Family Of Noise closely followed by The Return Of The King. 

Sounds like a plan to me. 

Sion Smith