I've been making waves with The Family Of Noise this week. I've finally caught up with myself and am bringing this baby on home. I still have another round of proofing to go through but the whole concept of releasing it has now moved from "I'm sick of looking at this damn book" to actually being excited about it. It's been a long time coming. I can't write it any better than it is now so the current state of play is that it's out with the proofers and book police that will happily point out any mistakes I've made and missed. We will be sticking with the new April 14th publication date though. It will be ready before that but it's nice to have some room to breathe. 

Over at The Family Of Noise page in the store, there's now a synopsis of the book along with a short prologue that doesn't appear in the book called SPOILERS which sadly, contains no spoilers at all.


With that on a back-burner for a few days, I figured this would be a good time to start work on the next episode of the Bad Hare Days podcast. If you can call sitting around making playlists of songs to include 'work', then work is exactly what I've been doing.

I'm looking forward to this next one.

While I'm on the subject, I heard Episode Zero will be getting an FM broadcast airing sometime this coming weekend. I'll post and tweet when I know more, but that will change the rules of the game somewhat - particularly if I can find a regular home for it.


It's a good feeling coming to the end of this. My hair is a lot greyer but it didn't fall out along the way, my patience with myself has been pushed to the limit but more than anything, it got finished and if you're going to set yourself up as a writer, that's all there is to your story.