Eyes Without A Face

I need to buy some bins. (Bins = Binoculars = Glasses)

I can see just fine, honest I can, but I suspect I might be able to see a little better if I had some. I've avoided such a thing for a long time... not on any grounds of vanity. More out of contempt for the idea that my eyes might now be so old that I seriously need to think about going down this road. They survived reading under the covers by torch-light for years and I can still park the car between the white lines provided when necessary but I'm starting to think things might be a little easier if the world wasn't so damn blurry. 

But hey - who knows. Maybe the world really is blurry around the edges and I don't need any after all.

What actually led me to this point was a few days ago when I decided I needed a shave and with my specialist equipment of five disposable razors and a pair of scissors, I set about my face to carve something classy into it. This is not a new thing... I quite often do it and keep a picture of a day I was happy with my face knocking about on an iPad to copy from - or maybe 'use as a template' would be a better phrase. 

But a few days ago, I had to shave my face completely because I messed up badly. It looked like I had let a child try and help. I don't like having a blank face but now that three days have gone by, the stubble is coming back with a vengeance. Apparently, I looked younger but I don't want to look younger. Maybe when I'm 70 I'd like to look younger, but not right now.

Right now, I am quite happy to look like Tolkien's wizard, so a pair of bins it is.

I'm reading this right now:

I have grown to love Raymond Carver more and more as the years have gone by. There's a train of thought that says you should write in One Style Only so that people always know what to expect of you when you release a book... or at least until you've got enough traction beneath your wheels to deviate. Mr Carver appeared to be quite happy doing what he did and I never get tired of it, so it works.

I'm gonna get me some of that mojo.

File under pending as to exactly what I'll do with that knowledge when I find it.