Eight Grams And Other Tales of Darkness

There's a lot going on here this week. I found myself in a poetic place for one thing and filled a good portion of a new notebook with some quality work. It's all a little continuation of the poetry I've worked on before...which means work like this:

I'll be putting this out by myself through Bad Hare - and it shall be called Eight Grams, which according to popular science is the weight of the human soul. Now I've written that down, I get the feeling I may have mentioned it somewhere here before- apologies if I did. Then again, attention spans ain't what they used to be right?

I seem to have work backing up behind me like there's no tomorrow but something new will come out soon, I promise - and if it all happens to get finished around about the same time, so be it. I'm not looking anymore - I'm just 'doing it'.

Anyway, I was on a roll this afternoon and just when I had gotten to a part that was worth stopping over to make more coffee, I fumbled getting the pen back inside the cap, and dropped it on the floor: nib first.

It couldn't have landed any more vertically if I'd thrown it.

Hot damn, that was the best pen I had for writing. Super-fast flow and everything - my finger tips have even shaped themselves to its body.

Which is probably why a samurai always carries two swords... but when I picked up my second sword, I found that I haven't used it for so long, the ink had dried up inside of the nib.  There are probably other crappy pens around the house I'm sure but it's not the same. It's like deciding to drive a few hundred miles in somebody else's car.

Some time later, I discovered that you can buy replacement nibs. Why didn't I know this before? If replacement nibs are available, I'm thinking that the smart thing to do is to get two fast flow nibs and then I'll have two sharp swords to head into battle.

That my friends, is a thing known as 'A Plan'.

Or as my mother would say: "If that's all you have to worry about, things are probably OK."

On the other work-table right now, I'm talking to Robert Borbas and somewhere amongst all of the talk, we should come up with a feature article of some worth. I love what this man does. If you made me point a finger at somebody I thought had the future of his world in the palm of his hand, he would be it. When you're putting out work like this, you don't have to answer to anybody:

Off skin, his work is just as fine:

If you're in the market, you can find him right here - though I guess you might have to wait a while.


If you're in the mood for a movie that will raise your spirits and not crash it brutally onto the rocks towards the end, I've just watched The Dark Horse - and it's a wonderful and beautiful piece of work. You can find it for rent in the iTunes store but that was the extent of my lust to find it - if you're not an iTunes kind of person, it's likely around somewhere. More importantly, who knew a movie about chess could stop you from hitting the pause button, stop you from making coffee and hunting down snacks... or even blinking for that matter.

Away from the beaten track of the multiplex and the industry wheels that make you watch things you didn't really want to, there's magic happening if you choose to look.

In other news of things to buoy your spirits along the way to a watery grave, the new Sixx AM album - Prayers For The Damned - is coming down the line (though not fast enough for my liking) - it's available as a pre-order at your usual pre-order places with the track 'Rise' already out in the world for your delight and testimony. I love it. When it lands, it will look like this:

Meanwhile, over at the place in which you used to hide under the blankets with a torch into the early hours of the morning, John Connolly's new Charlie Parker novel - A Time Of Torment - is also coming and due to land April 7th. The cover looks like this... and for the record, the comment on the front from The Independent does not lie:

With the two things I really look forward to in any given year both out around the same time, the world had better get its act together or it could be a long, desolate summer leading into a long cold winter.


 “If you set yourself to it, you can live the same life, rich or poor. You can keep on with your books and your ideas."

George Orwell | Down And Out In Paris And London