East Of The Sun • West Of The Moon

I'm hoping I can wrap up The Man Who Lived Again today but there's a mag staring at me from the side of the stage also demanding my attention. If I can draw a line under both of things by Thursday, I'll be happy enough to drop both of them in The Win Column.

This weekend also saw some good movement on two art projects I've got on the cooker. One is inevitably Project X which will be in development limbo for a little while longer. The other - which has been on a back-burner for a long time now - forced itself back to the surface so I just got on with it. This one goes by the name of White Bear Blues - a reasonably final working title - and is a gloriously trippy folk tale about... well I won't fire all of the guns at once but it won't take a genius to figure out that it features a bear. A white bear at that. 

The 'original' story can be found in this book and without dressing it up in any way at all, I've taken it out of its home, stripped it down and rebuilt it into something else. What I've done with it aside, if you like folk tales, East of the Sun and West of the Moon (Taschen) takes some beating. Here it is lying around with its pages open:

I hope I can do the story as much justice as it deserves. Now... back to writing, editing and other things that make it look like I didn't just slope off for an hour to watch a Scooby Doo movie with Kiss in it.