Wouldn't you know it. Just at the time I need to be thinking about those parts of work that need finishing before they drive me into a wall, not one but two new ideas - both with legs - turned up. I had a good stab at ignoring them, promising that I would come back to them later at a better time for all us, but they knocked on the door for so long, I eventually had to let them in.

I guess I could have opened the door and told them to stop hammering but that would be foolish. At least they don't knock and when you open the door, there's nobody there. That's really annoying.


I'm a big fan of great photography and luckily I have no interest in attempting it for myself - and that's a good thing because the second you get involved in something you love on a level other than loving it, little parts of the magic begin to float away. 

Anyway, today I discovered Kilian Schoenberger. He comes home from a day out with things that look like this:

Kilian Schoenberger,
Kilian Schoenberger2
Kilian Schoenberger3
Kilian Schoenberger4
Kilian Schoenberger5
Kilian Schoenberger6
Kilian Schoenberger7

Kilian Schoenberger and his excess of seriously incredible work, can be found right here. I'm compelled to drop him a note and see if he will speak to me about his life and passions... and if it all comes together, you'll be the first to know. 

Can I have my tongue back now please?


Work on the Raw Sharks project pushes ahead... slowly, but pushing ahead all the same and that's a lot better than going backwards. I had a meet with some very cool guys yesterday and I think we can make good things happen together.

In some other news on that front, repeated emails to TerraMar aren't hitting the ground. If they are, they're bouncing around like one of those crazy balls you can buy to scare the dog with. 

So, I'm taking the path of least resistance and instead, we will work alongside a different global ocean awareness organisation. What's that old saying? If you can't beat them, go play a different game. 

Yeah. That's the one.

More details on that soon enough - hopefully this week. I'm hungry to get started on this.


And the moral of the story is?

Be Here. Now.