Further pushing the envelope on this weeks String Theory post, I also started work on a book I've been tossing about like a salad for over a year. God only knows how long it will take me to finish it but work has begun. It's called Dragonfly and is a bona fide stab at seeing if I have the mental stamina to take it all the way to 80,000 words without skipping a beat in the plot. 

There will be crime and there will be detection - if I do my job right, we might not be able to tell which is which. There may also be supernature. In all likelihood, we shall not speak of this book title again for quite some time but I may feel the need to use this place as a confessional if things get rough along the way.

Being one who hand-writes, I decided I should instigate a new notebook for said project, so I put together a nice blank hardback with full dust-jacket to make it Very Real to write in. A hulking great 500 page thing that looks a little like this:

Now all I have to do is fill in all the pages with some words. It can't get much simpler than that.

Sometimes I think I have too many unfinished books on the plate but today is not one of those days. Today is a day in which I say YES! Let's write all of these books. Let's see just how far I can push myself...

I am in writing mode and that's good enough for now, though I still haven't fixed my Waterman (if you missed that news, I dropped it nib first on the floor which rendered it officially dead) and have begun 'The Work' using a Parker ballpoint - which is not as horrendous as I thought it would be. Not the same by any stretch of the imagination but no... not bloody awful either.

In some other news around here - if you're subscribed to blog posts by emails here, you'll probably have missed me posting up a few of my favourite interviews with tattoo artists - what's there right now is not all of them by any means - I'm backtracking through the back issues and plucking them out once a week... and behind the scenes on that front also, I'm toying with a much larger project that's totally screwing with my head on how to deliver it. If I can't blow it up out of all proportion, I think I would rather kill it stone dead with a hammer. Time will be the judge of that little monster.

That's all I got. Go do something amazing... like tell your kids it's OK to have seemingly dumb ideas about the things they want to do with their lives when they grow up... or take the dog for a midnight walk - which is exactly what I'm going to do, even if he doesn't want to.

That will teach him a good lesson about waking me up early.