My friends over at Infected Books ran me through a great interview last night to support the release of The Family Of Noise and to help give the Waterstones gig a good shot in the arm. We don’t really do the same kind of thing at all but we certainly have the same ethos about getting books out into the world. As soon as they figure out where and when to post it, I’ll hook it up. There were some great questions and I’m pretty sure I was on the ball. It makes a refreshing change being on the other side of the pen that’s for sure. 

I woke up, took Hector out and got back to find a new delivery of books and a little while later, a whole bunch of flyers for things that are going on over the next week or so. The dining room table started to look as if serious industry was happening. Then, serious industry did happen to get things into the mail, culminating in a trip to Waterstones where I dropped off these:

...and sometimes, when you jump into the fire, it doesn’t burn you but simply makes you feel warm - this is what happened today when I handed over my wares and we placed them on the counter right next to these flyers for the brilliant David Sedaris on his tour of the UK:

It’s no big deal. Nothing but some flyers sitting next to each other, right? That’s what I keep telling myself - except I love what this man writes and that makes the whole world of difference. Zoom in, check out the dates, buy yourself a ticket and go see a professional do what he does best. You won’t be disappointed.