Out on the web, there's a great site called Cultivating Thought. Basically, it brings together some great authors with some great artists and between them, they create nifty works of art - with something to say - that look something like this:

It's not a super new idea - there are hundreds of abused take-out coffee cups out in the world, but I really like the idea and figured I would like to do something similar, so I bought my coffee and then did a deal with The Man to procure a few test subjects.

Where this may lead, who knows, but it's a lot closer to leading somewhere now I actually have some cups. 

Anyway - on my travels, I saw that one of the artists who contributed to the Chipotle series is Pat Perry. Take a look at these:

This is some of the most wonderful art I've seen in a long time - the kind of art that makes me wish I could draw. The kind of art that makes me actually want to go out and buy some pencils and a big pad and practice - because if I could draw half as well as this, I think I would be knocking out off-kilter books with a startling regularity. It's been a long time since I've picked up a pencil with any intention of using it as intended though. 

Anyway, I have cups and a loose plan. There's a Sharpie around here somewhere so tonight, I'm going to see what damage I can do.