Checking In

The Really Important Thing I've been working on recently is now complete. I may be saying this more for my benefit than yours, so sorry about that if you expected anything more. This means it's time to move on to The Other Really Important Thing That Was Waiting In The Wings and finish that as well - pretty smartish. That will make two major things wrapped up and should release my head from the purgatory state it's been in for far too long. 

When will things be available to read? When they are ready. Thank you for your patience if you happened to be rapping your fingers.

Hector got a haircut this week. Here he is on the decking that's seen better days. Note to self: do something about that some day...

Hector - Border Collie crossed with Standard Poodle

Also on the photographic front, I should begin making plans to head out to Switzerland soon and pay a visit to this town and train station they named after me:

...that's what I told the kids anyway. I guess they won't believe me when I tell them such things for much longer.