Cars Hiss By My Window. Honest They do...

Over at The Flood Gallery, this Doors poster by Adam Pobiak has just gone up for sale and my plastic card is itching already. There are four variants in different limited runs and prices - hit the Flood link for the main page, you'll have to do your own detective work... 


Meanwhile, in other services to popular culture, over at my buddy Brian Ewing's store, we have this slice of Iggy Pop action - also available in multiple variants. Same rules apply as above (so below):


Finally, being as we're on the subject of music, Zakk Wylde launched his own line of guitars this week - I believe his store is now officially open right here

If nothing else, one of these in your house will make you want to learn to play pretty damn fast. 

Thus ends the End Of Week Round Up Of Things To Get Rid Of Your Money On Pretty Fast.

Now, back to writing stuff...