A Podcast, building stuff, breaking stuff and a dog in negative

I have been remiss in mentioning something because recently, my head has been up my ass, but this is a link for you to download the podcast Wayne Simmons interviewed me for. It's excellent fun and sets a nice stage for another one that we are about to launch ourselves into - next Saturday I believe - that came around quick. This one is about my take on being a writer these days and the next one will be a lot less of me talking about myself and we're going to investigate Scandinavian Noir together.

Game on.


As I write this, I'm still two days from flicking the switch on the electricity in this new place. I've been busy building the bookstore page and that was the second to last thing that needed urgent attention - and now only leaves importing six years worth of blog posts that will probably need to be attended to for broken links and missing pictures. That's going to be a long old haul so don't be expecting them all to turn up all at once. Reading back through some of them, I have come to see that in the early days, I used to do an awful lot of thinking out loud. So much so that I might even cull some of it... or at least sync some posts together so that they make more sense.

File under pending.


On the day that I finally sat down with myself and decided that I really needed to get fit again - not 'get fit and leave it at being nothing more than a good idea', but actually in the real world - my knee that has not been the best knee in the world ever since I jumped from the top of this many years ago... 


...decided to blow out on me in the most horrible fashion. I've seen it coming for a while but today it's being a real bitch. I haven't cried yet but I've come close. 


Other than that, it's been a pretty quiet day. Wrapped up a couple of interviews for the next issue of the mag early on, took Hector out for a decent walk in the rain... and he thinks he has trouble with curly hair! On that very subject, here's a picture of H from maybe a couple of months back:


And here's a picture of a sexy female relative who is about a year older than him from the same parents (we think) who happens to be for sale. Did we think about doing the unthinkable? Yes we did but H is like three dogs in one. Not sure either of us could actually handle it but the thought is there...


And no matter how much we try to shake it off, it won't go away.