Dear blog fans/people who arrived here by accident:

I have nothing to blog about right now. I've put myself on a schedule of something called 'Actual Work' which involves umm... writing mostly. This is where a blog falls flat on its face. When you don't go out of the house other than to get more coffee or occasionally go to the gym so you don't seize up entirely, there's not a whole lot to say. I haven't even picked up a book since the beginning of the month.

I could post about the dog walks - there are plenty of those - but there's very little to report in this rainy season in which we are the only stupid people who still go out three times a day.

Thus, I shall proactively - though temporarily - retract myself from my own timeline because knowing it's here not being done is like wondering you let the gas on when you go out.

I shall return in a couple of weeks with updates, some news, travel plans for the year and with the wind behind me, I should have gotten very close to the end of what I'm up to.

That said, I'll also add this: yesterday I decided to close my flickr account where - because they kindly handed the whole world 1TB of free storage space - I opted to stash over 13,000 images. It took all day for a bit of software to download everything but now it is done and that's one less thing I belong to/worry about.

Mostly, I knew what was in there but there were a few surprises (not those kind of surprises) and a pic of something I had completely forgotten about. About eight years ago, I wrote a rough draft of a pulp-style detective comic-book story called Broken and a guy - whose name I can't remember but I thought was pretty good with a pencil - said he was up for illustrating it. Many, many, many months later, this one image found its way to my inbox so I mocked it up to see if it had legs.

...and even though it did have legs, that was where that story ended. Shame. 

Now my interest is piqued, I must dig back in the Box of Words and see if it's still around... 

Sion Smith