Boxes With Things Inside

Places I'd Like To Sit And Write One Day:

It's supposed to snow here in the next day or so. Maybe it will snow enough that outside will look like this. In which case it's highly likely that I will change my mind and decide to write indoors instead.

I fell into a worm hole this morning that briefly sent me back to 1983. While Hector was looking for a cat that had disappeared into the great wide open, I saw somebody had put out their cardboard recycling and amongst the boxes, was the packaging for a toasted sandwich maker. That's always a sure sign that something is wrong with the world.

Anyway, I spent this evening (and much of yesterday evening) putting the finishing touches to my proposed radio show. I'm not 100% sure right now that it still has a home to go to, but it's finished and the notebooks are out to work on the next one, so I'm just going to press along. I'll find a home for it somewhere and if I can get eight to ten shows ahead of the game, I'll be in a good position to do something very cool with it.

What kind of music will you be playing you say? It's a good question - and the answer is: old rock, new rock, rock you don't think is rock but most definitely is and rock in disguise as something else... you get the picture - but it's not a noisy-ass show at all. This is a cool show with actual songs. I promise.

Which reminds me... I must decide on a name for it before the week is out. I'm still favouring HOWL over all the others, so maybe that's my decision made right there. I'll keep you posted...


...and then I wrote a review of A Monster Calls for a friend.  Le Fin.

Sion Smith