Well... that was a good weekend for getting some art books out of the house and into good hands. The car was considerably lighter when I left than it was going, though I don't envy those who thought "It's only a few books, I can easily carry them without a bag". Those kind of thoughts are for people who don't carry art books around very often. Still, my work on that front is done. I'm filing that as a big win and it's left a good sized hole that looks like I've done something useful.

Anyway, when I got back from the show, I figured doing a 12 hour day after an 18 hour day, another 18 hour day the day before that and then driving five and half hours back home was probably a stupid idea. I was pretty tired when I touched down, I messed about with Hector for a little while, filled his water bowl up and then, just to make sure I was home for real, slipped in some of said water and knocked myself out for a little while by smacking the side of my face on the corner of the kitchen cupboard at high speed. 

Let me tell you... that hurt like a bitch, but I slept like a dead man.

After taking H to the beach for a little while...

...I spent some time today working on the cover for The Family Of Noise. I'm not going to change the softback edition too much from the original design it had wrapped itself up in... which was this: 

I still love this cover - it says everything I want it to with one simple image doing a lot of the hard work.

Today's question is whether I completely redesign the hardback version or not. I suspect not, but while I was chewing it over and playing around, a few things started to take shape that have so far not been thrown into the bin. I'll see how that pans out over the next week or so. 

Meantime, tomorrow, I'll be checking over the final manuscript again - which might actually take longer than I think... so let's call it the end of the week and then I'll move into type-setting mode, run like hell and hope I don't fall on the scissors.

Topically, I received an email this week from a German author requesting that I review a free digital copy of her book here and also leave a review on amazon - because obviously, book reviews is something I'm forever posting around here. Then again, the email also said it had already sold over 250,000 copies in its German variant so, perhaps it's me that's missing something. 

If I sold quarter of a million copies of a book - with or without having to cut in a middle man - I'm not sure I would be be scrounging for reviews online from a man who was sitting on the edge of forever.

Particularly a man who Doesn't Review Books. Ever. 

Go figure.

Finally today - because I still have things to do - quote of the season (so far) from Game of Thrones:

"Nothing will fuck you harder than time."

Jesus. Ain't that the truth.