It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a movie worth talking about but this evening I came across BIRDBOX on Netflix. it’s a little bit Day of the Triffids, a little bit Monsters and it’s everything a monster movie should be in 2018. Well written and scripted, brilliantly acted, tense from start to finish and Sandra Bullock is The Bomb.... just the kind of thing a man like me needs to be spending his time on across Christmas Eve.


I saw a story this week about how Netflix was giving the cinema chains a run for their money - based on BIRDBOX and a few other things I’ve seen along the way, that may not be far from the truth. They don’t hit the mark every single time but they’re on target often enough to make that news story a warning shot for those who think they can get away with churning out movies for the sake of it. 

The world is changing fast huh. 

Hopefully not as fast as it does in this movie though. I’ve still got things to do...