Beautiful Creatures II

The next instalment of my Beautiful Creatures sequence is now up where it should be for all who are interested. You can find it published right here at Serpents of Bienville where it belongs. I hope you dig it - this one's a little more personal than the first. Hopefully I'm finding my groove early on with this. The wheels are already spinning over where I'm going next. 

This instalment features the inimitable Arthur Rackham. I hope I did him justice.

If you're new to Rackham (and the only excuse for that would be if you are young) you can find a stack of high res images here, but his entire life's work is probably online if you want to dig.

The Magazine went to the print shop today - that's another thing off the desk for a few days. Slowly, the pile of things to do is getting smaller - but only in theory, because as soon as one thing disappears from it, there's always another ready to take its place.

Anyway, I've downed tools for the rest of the day to get a grip on real life for five minutes - and that requires a soundtrack... and today, Act V: Hymns With The Devil In Confessional from The Dear Hunter is making quite an impact. It looks like this and you can find the band here.

It's great to see a band still putting some thought behind their album art instead of running up junk with a band pic on the front alongside the first font that became available. Their previous - Act IV: Rebirth In Reprise - was also looking sharp and is also a damn fine album. 

This is not a hit 'n' run listening affair however. You will need all of your senses and no small amount of attention span... but you will be well rewarded.

There is obviously also Acts I-III available but they're not up for streaming so you'll have to put your hand in your pocket if you love them.

And while I'm on the subject of beautiful things, I found these images of home yesterday. I've been away too long and need to head back just to check in with my soul.

These shots were taken by Richard Outram who you can find here on twitter. The man sure has an eye for what makes home 'home' that's for sure.

Now... there must be some food somewhere in the house.