I've wanted to do a podcast here for a long time... so I did. It's here. There's even a link up at the top called LISTEN for future reference. 

I learned something doing this. Even though I spent years getting used to listening to myself being played back at me, being in a recording situation in a studio with some other guys is a lot different to sitting at home talking to yourself. If you've ever wanted to know what's it's like to be hyper aware of yourself, give it a whirl. It's an odd sensation to say the least - but it will pass and I'll get used to it.

To give it a proper try-out, I pressed some buttons and we did a trial 'broadcast' of it at Sleep When Your Dead over in Cardiff. Nobody was sick, nobody left the shop mid-haircut and nobody threw bricks through the window. I'll put that in the win column for today:

* Note: Nobody associated with this podcast endorses the cutting of hair but whatever gets you through the night guys.