Back Into The Deep

As promised a month or so back, I took some time to rework the Big Bear Rescue project for maximum effect. Thanks to Everpress for getting with the programme and making it easier for me to do just that. So...

The third Big Bear Rescue shirt is now alive and kicking and you can buy it right here. It was created by my most excellent friend Federico Amaterasu and it warms my heart to see this one out in the world. Please buy thousands of them just because it's that wonderful... I'll take care of the rest. It looks like this and for maximum impact down the line, is available for women and men in white only... it suits the design and gives the best kickback in the financials - and that's what its all about. If you want a red one, wash it with your pants. If you want a blue one, wash it with different colour pants. Simple.

A fair old whack of time ago, some of you might remember I adopted a Hammerhead Shark - I still 'have' it, though in the real world, it's taken a back seat to the bears when it comes to figuring stuff out. Today, I found this great story about Hammerhead DNA and wound healing which includes the quote:

“The immune system of sharks and rays has been battle-tested and evolved over hundreds of millions of years”

Which gives me licence to post a pic of one of my favourite creatures of the deep:

Posting a picture of a shark is always a good way to start the week don't you think? Maybe soon - once I'm into a good routine with the bears - I'll investigate how to get back on track with some ocean conservation.

For now... Le Fin.