If you missed yesterday's post, this won't make much sense - but now, I know more than you. Not much but enough to mean I have taken a step forward. Exciting times - I'm looking forward to seeing how this 'little' project will turn out. For the foreseeable future, it shall be called Project X.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to save yourself a couple of hours and add them back to the end of your life, last night we instigated some 'down-time' and went to see Now You See Me 2 (based on the fact that the first was actually pretty good) and I wish we hadn't. 

By the end of it, I felt cheap... like the whole crew involved in the movie sat around a table, decided to make a movie that flashed and banged so they could get away with writing a wafer thin plot and weak script. To make it worse, when it came to releasing the movie they forgot to add those flashes and bangs - so the end result was just a ticking in my head that whispered how I could have been doing something useful at home while I watched an entire cast of people who should have known better waste their own time as well.

So when I did get home, I watched this - 13 Assassins - which is not a waste of time in any way at all. In fact, aside from the work done on Project X above, it was probably the best use of a couple of hours so far this weekend: