Things are on creative FIRE today for analogue dudes. Analogue is the new digital and what better way to give digital a good ironic kicking than by using the horse it's been riding in on to tell everybody how cool analogue is.

I'll stop now - all you need to do is press play and revel in some Scandinavian Genius.

Damn. I wish I had thought of that - and so do you.


If you're a creative type, there's a fantastic article here written by Talib Kweli that might just be the greatest article ever written about trying to fathom out how to make things work now that the everything is broken. If you've never heard of Talib, you're not alone because I haven't either, but the article stands regardless. It's smart, well written and if I liked hip-hop even one tiny scrap, I would buy all of his albums immediately.

Maybe I'll buy one anyway and give it away.

Maybe I should buy one and give it a spin! Broaden my horizons a little.

Now I've gone too far. Just read it and take what you need...


All of which was a lovely wet fish reminder to the face that if you're going it alone, you could really use some kind of marketing plan behind you to get things moving. Right up at the top of my 'business model' for Bad Hare was to do things so damn well, that there was nothing I couldn't do myself, leaving me free to write and publish whatever I liked without being questioned over where I was going with something - not everything in life comes with a convenient label - sometimes things span out over the years and only make sense later. The down side of that is there's always something you're going to be weak at - and marketing has become a pebble in my shoe. 

Or rather, my reluctance to get involved with social networking on a grand scale is certainly posing a dilemma. I am even more reluctant to change my mind about that stance than I am over joining it. Maybe I should hire somebody to do it for me - but I don't have anything to say that's not being said here. How many newspapers do you need to buy read the same news? 

I do have a plan. It might be a plan that looks like a bucket with a hole in it but it's a plan all the same and buckets can always be patched up when you figure out where they're leaking. It's an old school analogue kind of plan but the beauty of an analogue plan is all the things you had to say don't disappear at the click of a button. Let's see how it pans out. It's a year long plan designed to keep me satisfied enough not to cave in with frustration anyway. 

I don't want to be eating my own words when 2016 rears its head.


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