Always Forwards, Never Backwards

This week - Wednesday or Thursday - I'll be taking the Big Bear Rescue t-shirt store live. It's taken a long time to get it right. Along the way, I've road-tested just about every online t-shirt company who provide quality organic/ethically produced shirts, weighed up the pros and cons of pricing vs profit, mailing costs, ease of payments to people who want to pick up on the merch... until there was a Last Man Standing.

I have a few things to address at the back-end but I am done and ready to roll. The first shirt off the blocks is a limited edition design by my wonderful friend Matt ' Henbo' Henning. He's an incredible tattoo artist - 75,000 instagram followers are not wrong - massively in demand at the moment and I'm really stoked to be able to launch with this design. The very last thing to do is decide whether or not to make it limited in the number of shirts available or limit the amount of time it will be available for.

I'm hedging towards the latter and I think a six week window in which to buy the shirts and still make them special is long enough. There'll likely be more than a few postings on this during the first week but I'll try and make social media do what it's good at rather than hammer it to death here.

I also finished my next instalment of Beautiful Creatures this morning. That took way too long for my liking, so I shall be getting along with the part three sometime this week. As a mag editor, I should know better... consider those balls well and truly dropped before they were all picked back up again. I'll post a link here as soon as Sean gets it up over at Serpents

I almost missed my usual Friday slot for hooking up the Burn Baby, Burn playlist last week. I know it's Monday now but it did make it to the Friday... not that it matters I guess. I might have to switch some things around soon though. This week Spotify notified me that I had reached the limit of albums I could add to my collection. That's not downloaded songs... just the amount of albums I could 'save' to my library.

I would have thought that was nothing more than a database of titles that linked to a picture but I queried it and that's very much the case. On those grounds, I'm thinking I will be better served heading back over to Apple Music - which I loved... I only moved so I could share a family account with Rhiannon.

If they don't pay well in the way of royalties and they can't give people what they need, I'm failing to see a long term future for Spotify. One day, you will be beaten into the ground and stranded on the beach like MySpace.

More later. Writing. Insert smiley face of own choice.