April 1st will see the release of my second collection of short stories. It goes by the title of Almost Human and will be available as a 300-ish page softback (6" x 9" - all of them with writing on) and also for whatever digital device you may possess.

I am officially stoked. Here's what it looks like:


There's some sharp edges to take off it at the moment, a running order to decide on (because things like that are important) along with a sackful of boring stuff you don't want to hear about but it's coming together just fine and I'm really happy with it.

Really freaking happy.

Most of it was written at home or in close vicinity, but some crept up on me in the U.S. and Italy which if nothing else, makes me feel like a writer who is doing exactly what he set out to do - which is to wander around the planet and make things up.

Or not make things up as the case may be. 

For those of you who picked up The Day The Sky Fell Down, it's kind of similar but I'd be doing something wrong if I didn't think I was improving on what had gone before so you'll also find it, stylistically speaking, a little different. If you were too busy washing your hair to grab a copy of that, there will likely be a bundle available that contains both books but more details on all of that later.