Almost Human - A Prototype

It looks as though I have been doing not much around here but playing guitar lately, but things are perhaps not quite as they appear. A few days back I figured out I had almost enough stories curated to release another book. I wanted this collection to be bigger than The Day The Sky Fell Down (don't ask me why, probably some weird mental thing about 'getting somewhere') so it's taken longer than anticipated to pull it off and so far, everything is virgin territory to the world. None of the stories inside have been seen anywhere... in fact, some of them, I had even forgotten I had written. 

Thus: I pulled together a rough/first proof to start going through it and here it is - at least in theory. This cover will likely go through some tweaks before I'm happy with it but essentially, that's what it will look like and if you happen to be curious as to why it's orange, that would be because I really like the way Kim Gordon's Girl In A Band looks on my shelf.

If you're a writer type and are wondering why this 'proof' looks like a book and not a huge bunch of pages churned out by Hewlett Packard, it's because I can. It's what I do. Much better to have something that looks like a book/finished product where I can better judge paragraph lengths and whether some of the stories need moving around for balance and you don't get that with a stack of paper. 

I could be labelled a control freak for doing this but I would prefer to call it 'getting it right' - when you're out there by yourself - looking for readers to love what you do and hopefully spread the word - it's the least you can expect of yourself.