Honest, I only went in the bookstore because I needed coffee and that's where the coffee shop is. I didn't mean to come out with this but it was staring at me all the time I was in there. I went over to see what it wanted and the rest was history:

I shall chew this up and spit it out on the other side of the weekend. Sonic Youth may be a sign of a time gone by, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't go back and look. Maybe I should start reviewing books around here. Not all books but certainly some. I see there's a 'category' button that I can tag posts with which looks like a decent way forward. 

I didn't know this was even coming, let alone out in the world but with a little digging I find that it's also available as two different limited editions that look like this:

And this:

If you're a super-loaded fan, the best place I can find to get hold of them are right at the source which is Faber Social - respectively (to the pictures above) those links are here and here

For the record, I am not the world's biggest listener of Sonic Youth (and certainly not of her new band Body/Head) but I read a fair whack of this in the store and it's damn good regardless.