I mailed out my last four copies of The Day The Sky Fell Down today. I had the (unusual) foresight to order some more yesterday, so with the wind behind them - and man, is it ever windy out there tonight - they will be here before next Friday which is of course, mailing day. The hole on the shelf looks odd but in a satisfying kind of way that I can live with.

Today has also been a day of head down, getting some day-job writing out of the way, so there hasn't been a lot of opportunity to interact with the world. Not unless you're a particular dog, in which case you took it even when it wasn't on the menu.

Having said that, a loose plan was drafted up to hit NYC sometime around September. The exact details of what on earth for remain a mystery but that's never stopped a good plan from gaining some momentum before...

...and towards the end of the day, I had a lovely meeting via the miracle of Skype to fathom out some of the finer points of Secret Project B. Yes, there's a secret project A too but that one is slightly less secret. This weekend will move both forward with a big leap if all goes to plan. Come Monday/Tuesday, I'll lay them both out here in all their glory regardless of what comes over the weekend because neither of them are not going to happen. Fact.

That's all I got today, but you know what? That's OK. It's more than I had written 15 minutes ago.