A Season In The Abyss

I don't even know what I was doing to discover this but this drips class from every angle I can possibly look at it from. So far, I've watched it something like eight or nine times and every time I do so, it gets better and better. It's mostly surprising because that's eight or nine more times than any rock video I've watched in the last couple of years.

I'm not saying that I'm deserting my roots - they're too far down into the ground for that - but this is, if you'll pardon my language considering the subject matter, fucking phenomenal. I don't actually have any useful words to describe how I feel about this because I have no concept of what it's supposed to be like when it's world class. It looks world class and having done some digging on Mari Samuelsen (this is her, obviously), it appears that indeed it is. 

She also has a brother, Hakon, who is a cellist and between them, what they want to do is "connect a new audience to classical music." 

This is the greatest musical performance (of any kind) that I've seen for such a long time, that I'm all ears. 

I need to sleep on this new discovery.