George Michael, A Doctor and A Teacher. No Candlestick Maker Though. Sorry.

Got anything new? Yes, I have thanks for asking. There's a new story - Careless Whisper - over in Dirty Realism. 

Last night, I found myself in a time-hole. Waiting for something to come in, I didn't want to start anything else and get interrupted so I fell back on an old favourite and kicked back to watch The Day Of The Doctor again. Still waiting for lazy and slow people when it had finished, I hit Netflix to watch Human Nature/The Family Of Blood for something like the fiftieth time. For me, this is the pinnacle of writing for the show and my memory was jogged as to how badly I want to write an episode of Doctor Who.

So I dug out the script loosely titled 'The House Of Sipan' that features both new and old creatures that I had put away to 'edit later' and am mostly very pleased with it having not looked at it for at least six months. Editing and tweaking shall take place over the next few evenings and a yellow post-it has appeared to remind myself to take a couple of days off soon to make some kind of sense of the large stacks of paper balanced on the corner of the table - digital and otherwise.


While working through some edits on the my final proof of Family Of Noise, I had the dumb idea to attempt to track down my old English teacher from school and get in touch... for what reason I don't actually know but I found her all the same. It wasn't even hard. There must have been some point to the train of thought - maybe I will email her and simply say thanks for making it great - and she will be curious enough to see what I do here and the universe will turn its wheels in a mysterious way, and I will find only a day or so later that she has emailed me back and tells me that I might be interested to know that her brother has just been announced as the new show-runner for Doctor Who - and it is lovely to hear from me and she remembers me very well. She particularly recalls the story I wrote for her that she had to rip out of my exercise book because it was so incredibly unsuitable, the implications of getting found out would echo in hell.

Unlikely, but it would make a good story.

Good stories happen like that all the time if you let them.