A Murder of One

Amendment to post from a couple of days ago - I think it was a couple of days ago, they're all blurring together at the moment - the one in which I said something like I had time to get a move on with Raised on Radio. Well, I have, but not quite as much as I thought. This afternoon, after signing off on Horror Tattoos, I opened the dreaded 'schedule'. Once upon a time, it even looked like a schedule but now it just looks like a list of titles with some numbers next to them that I presume are dates. By itself, that might be fine - it's the added notes that scare me to the point of squirrelling myself away with the first season on Mad Men for longer than is healthy. The 'schedule' says that I need to deliver the next book in the sequence in about eight weeks for an early August launch. This is the one that I have the choice with of science fiction or comic books as a subject matter - of which I'm going to head for comic books based on nothing other than I need a change of pace from 'those kind of outlandish worlds' and instead will choose 'a different outlandish world'. Regardless of the work itself, I find myself looking forward to getting stuck into this one too. It will be interesting to see what turns up along the way - I already have some really fine interview subjects lined up but right now, I'm quite content to let the dust settle in my brain before I go searching for junk again.

Or at least part of me is - I've also got this overwhelming need to finish something else. I've started many books, more than 80% have fallen by the wayside, waiting to be turned into something that can carry a story for the full length of the journey. Turn The Lamp Down Low is big and needs time because it... well, it kind of does its own thing and it's written under certain circumstances so I can handle that one taking a while. No... it's this other book - A Murder Of One - that's poking me in the ribs on a daily basis. The damn thing wants to be finished more than anything. Eleven chapters down - not quite sure how many left to go but it's telling me it's past the halfway point.

One thing I do know is this - this one needs to go out to the 'big shops'.