A Hard Day's Night

Jesus. It's a few days into July already. How did that happen? I put the next issue of Skin Deep to bed this afternoon but it only seems like a week since I strapped a rocket to the last one. The 300th issue will be knocking on the door before I know it. This one was #279, so in the real world, I guess we still have a couple of years before that happens, but still... it sounds pretty close from where I'm standing.

I won't be taking my eye off the ball. 

Anyway, with that off the desk, I shall be turning my attention to other things for a few days, namely, songwriting.

Last weekend, I messed around with some different ideas for a logo and settled quite wholly on this. I've looked at it for a few days now and it sits well, so it can stay:

Then I bought myself an iRig2 for simple, on the spot recording. I haven't road tested it yet but that's on the cards for tonight just as soon as I've finished this post.

It had better do what it's supposed to. I have high expectations and lots of material to pull together before I go anywhere near a studio. I haven't been in a recording studio for so long, they have likely changed beyond all recognition... but that's OK. That's why I have friends who know what they're doing - but that's way down the line.

I am not averse however to loading up demo material here when it's ready. If I tell you up front that what you'll get on that front will be more like Marc Bolan messing around at home in 1973 than Def Leppard making Hysteria with $100m at their disposal, you won't be too disappointed.

Or maybe you will. 

Mostly though, it feels good. You know that thing you do when time disappears because you're so preoccupied it loses all meaning? That's how this feels. Not sure what took me so long to come back to it but I'm here and pressing on regardless.

On my quest to waste nobody's time but my own watching great crime shows in the darkest hours of the night, I've stumbled upon a fantastic beast. It's called The Night Of and if you're in the UK, it's skulking around somewhere on SKY/NOWTV. A brief synopsis would go something like: 'Imagine you borrowed your old man's car for a few hours in the middle of the night... and then everything that could ever go wrong, did'

That pretty much sums it up. I'm hooked. It's a slow boiler though, so if you like you're drama edited like an MTV video from 1990, you'll be out of luck here, but if you have the attention span for shows like The Killing, it's might be right up your street...