The Creative Process: Day One

This will be interesting to do - mostly because the 'professionals' tell you that this is what you should be doing with a blog - not that I know who any of those people are and neither do you, so point proved on that front I think. Anyway, I've nudged the date of the release of The Day The Sky Fell Down to August 20th which is in 25 days.

In the name of 'science', I figured I should be keeping track of what those 25 days are filled with particularly since I decided I was going to go it totally alone from start to finish. I started using the Day One journal app on my phone (which is great)  but then back-tracked as I have a perfectly good place to do such a thing right here. It's likely that others might be interested to see my daily thinking, reasoning and actions behind the whole project - which is a 250 page book available in hardback (limited edition), softback and on all digital formats for any device you might care to wield. If you have any questions, comments are open.

27th JULY 

1. Ordered 1000 flyers for 'human' distribution for the first 14 days of promotion. In a world that's far too noisy online where everybody is fighting everybody else for airspace, I figured I would go underground and old school by putting the word directly into their hands. This won't preclude online promotion but I have to say, it feels mighty real to do it this way. Spent the afternoon designing a flyer and sourcing a good online printer with a decent courier behind them.

2. Updated tax information at Amazon's print on demand service CreateSpace - I'm sure I did this once already but I'll do it again anyway.

3. Set up a working draft of The Day The Sky Fell Down page within the bookstore here. Can't figure out a way to make it live but with a block on ordering and/or pre-ordering availability. Decide to park it up as a draft pending figuring that one out some other time.

4. Get out the three cover designs to see where I had got to with them. Throw them all in the trash because they suck. Start again from scratch with pencil, paper and a large Dalek mug that should refill itself in times like this.

Sion Smith