Other People and Their Words

I found this lying around online yesterday and found it - quite frankly - majestic - I didn't understand it at first and it took me about half an hour to figure out what was going on but it's very cool. Take a look for yourselves:


There's a major blow-up of it at this link where you can read it properly and if you're of a mind, you can find more from Wendy MacNaughton here. If you really like it, you can buy a print here.

I've been slacking off from reading lately but if you're looking for something great to sink your teeth into, John Connolly's The Wolf In Winter is on the shelves - but keep your eyes peeled for the variant with the free 'soundtrack' CD stuck to the inside back cover. Regulars here will know that I think he's the best thriller writer around right and has held that spot for many years with me but if you're looking for a long term affair with his main squeeze - Charlie Parker - you must start at the beginning of the series which is Every Dead Thing. I'd post an image of the cover for you but I can't find one big enough, so instead, you'll have to saunter over to his site and look for yourself. There's an extracted first chapter here if you're curious.

Aside from that, nobody will be surprised to learn that I'm more than spinning my wheels to chew this up:

Why it's not out for another month in the UK is a sad fact of international publishing nonsense, but it appears to be available on all digital platforms, so we'll do it like that instead. Go figure. Word on the street is that it's as good as we (the royal we) think it should be. I have banned myself from buying it until I have finished my work. How's that for growing up?

Finally, being as I still haven't imported all of my old blog posts that go back to 2009, I'll post this again because I love it, because it's great and because then I'll know where to find it:

Sion Smith